Our Courses by Divisions
In the Parent-Child Swimming Course, we support the natural urge to move that children aged one to four have, without any pressure on the children to perform.
As a group we train the basic motions in… Mehr
Children swimming courses at the Schwimmschule Knechtli

Regular swimming lessons support the physical and mental development of the child and also its coordinative skills. The children learn the swimming… Mehr
The Adult Swimming Course is suitable for beginners as well as advanced swimmers.
Swimming is a popular endurance sport, which keeps you fit and can help to relieve stress. Frequent style training makes… Mehr
This trend sport has become a very popular way to stay in shape.
Aqua-Fit® is jogging in deep water to music whilst wearing an air jacket, provided by the instructor, which supports the posture, absence… Mehr
Aqua-cycling connects the effectiveness of classic cycling on land with the positive attributes of water. Because of the buoyancy in the water you feel like floating and the movements seem to be easier.… Mehr
Aqua-Gym is also a course accompanied by music. Specific walking, running, hopping as well as muscle strengthening and stretching are practised in breast high water at 32°C.
Not only does it cater to… Mehr