General Terms and Conditions of the swimming school Knechtli (SSK)



is legally binding. Registration applies for one course only, and is terminated at the end of the course, with the exception of Aqua-Fit courses.

Registration for Aqua-Fit courses (Aqua-Fit®, Aquarobic, Aqua-Jogging) automatically extends for a further period until a formal cancellation is received.

It is possible to cancel registration for Aqua-Fit on 30 June and 31 December, with the proviso that a 4-week notice period is adhered to.



A course takes place with a minimum of 3 participants. We reserve the right to change course times, combine courses, change course locations for compelling reasons or cancel courses.


Confirmation and invoice

You will receive before the course starts.


Cancellation of registration prior to the beginning of the course

Must be made in writing. SSK will charge a handling fee of CHF 50.00.


Cancellation of registration after the course begins

Must be made in writing. The SSK will charge a handling fee of CHF 50.00. In addition, the lessons that have already taken place will be invoiced. In case of cancellation after the first three lessons have already taken place, the entire course fee will be due.



If a participant disturbs the course considerably, endangers the other participants or violates the regulations of the respective indoor swimming pool, the SSK is entitled, after unsuccessful warning, to terminate the contract with immediate effect and to exclude the participant from the course.


Price Reduction

Family Discount

1 family member  0.00 CHF

2 family member 30.00 CHF

Each further family member 15.00 CHF


Familienpass/ Familienpass plus

Familienpass 15.00 CHF

Familienpass plus 30.00 CHF

A copy of the Familienpass must be provided with the registration.

We are not able to give a reduction if copies are submitted later.


Pensioners(AHV)/IV beneficiaries

Pensioners(AHV)/IV beneficiaries 15.00 CHF

A copy of the AHV/IV Identification Card must be provided with the registration.

We are not able to give a reduction if copies are submitted later.


Quantity discount

There is a 15.00 CHF discount if more than one course is taken within a course period.


Vacation Absences

For a course of min. 15 lessons a deduction of max. 3 lessons is possible (excl. entrance to indoor swimming pools). On the day of registration, the absence data must be available to the SSK. After this date, deductions are no longer possible. With Aqua-Fit® it is possible to make up missed lessons within the same course period in other courses.


Health Insurance

For cost sharing by your health insurance, please contact your insurance company directly.

The invoice together with the proof of payment is valid as course confirmation for the health insurance. No additional course confirmations will be issued.


Qualitop confirmation

Available for Aqua-Gym and Aqua-Fit® courses (Aqua-Fit®, Aquarobic, Aqua-Jogging) on request.


Insurance / Liability / Miscellaneous

Use of the swimming pools is at your own risk. Insurance is the sole responsibility of the course participants. The SSK declines any liability. By registering, course participants and their legal representatives confirm that they have read and accepted these General Terms and Conditions in the version valid at the time of conclusion of the contract.



In case of illness, accident, complications during pregnancy or quarantine odered by the authorities, course participants with the option "Cancellation Cost Insurance can reclaim the course fee via ERV, St. Alban-Anlage 56, 4002 Basel. We are an intermediary and the insurance is between the customer and the insurance company. All refunds must be claimed directly from the insurance company.


Circumstances beyond our control

SSK cannot guarantee the use of the indoor pools. For courses that cannot be held due to force majeure (e.g. closure of an indoor pool, operational disruption, forces of nature, virus, pandemic, epidemic, etc.), no course fees will be refunded and no credit will be given for subsequent courses.


Place of Jurisdiction

Basel - Stadt


The General Terms and Conditions in different languages

If there are differences between the General Terms and Conditions in different languages, the German version is always master and controlling.