FAQ - Frequently asked questions

At  what age should my child learn to swim?

We offer childrens swimming courses starting from the age of 4.


How long will it take until my child is able to swim?

The 7 basic tests (crab to polar bear) are the basis for a child to safely and skilfully move about and linger in water as well as learn to swim well. The basic movements  build the basis for all types of swimming sports.


Do I have to bring water wings?

No, you don't have to.


What do I have to bring with to the course?

You only need to bring a swimsuit/ swimming trunks for your child and a towel.

Everything else is placed at your disposal by the Schwimmschule Knechtli.


Do I need a special nappy for the baby swimming?

No. From our experience we have found that it isn't necessary.  A  swimsuit/swimming trunks is sufficient.


How many participants are in the courses?

The childrens swimming lessons take place in very small groups. In general there are 6-8 participants in the courses Crab to Octopus  and  8-10 in the courses Crocodile to Training Group Children.


Do you offer private lessons?

No, we exclusively offer lessons in groups.


Is there something parents can do to aid the learning progress?

The success of the lessons doesn't only depend on the ability and the diligence of the child but also on the care of the parents. Be an example and take your child to the swimming pool regularly, also outside of the lesson times. Like this children will make better progress.



Are the parents present at the swimming lessons?

No. The parents take the children to the fitting rooms where the course leader will wait for them. After the lessons the course leader takes the children back to the fitting rooms where the parents can collect them.  Depending on the indoor swimming pool there are special waiting rooms in which the parents can wait and follow the lessons.


Why aren't the parents allowed to enter the indoor swimming pool with clothes?

Due to hygienic reasons people are prohibited from entering the indoor swimming pool in clothes.


Do you offer taster courses free of charge?

We offer one taster course for either Aqua-Fit, Aquarobic, Aqua-Jogging, Aqua-Gym or  Aqua-Cycling. Please inform us in advance which course you'd like to attend.


Health relevant questions

Children are absolutely prohibited from attending swimming in the following cases: ear infections, eye infections, diarrhoea, infectious diseases, lice, fever, colds and after vaccinations. Appointments for vaccinations should be planned in a way that there is at least a 48 hour period between the appointment and the next lesson.  It's really important that you inform us of any medical problems or disabilities your child may have as soon as you register.



Do you have other questions? Then contact us , phone: +41 61 302 98 60 , or send us an email: info@knechtli.com