Mission statement

To LIVE to actively experience water, for every generation

Through the density and the thermal conductivity, the buoyancy, pressure and the resistance of the water, different experiences of the senses and new physical perceptions are created and these differ to what we can experience on land.

Actively experiencing water supports physical health and mental wellbeing, it fosters self confidence and self-responsibility and, beside this, it is a sensible recreational activity for every generation.

The Schwimmschule Knechtli GmbH (SSK) has more than 39 years of teaching experience. Our dedicated team members dispose of topical, pedagogical as well as technical basic and safety education, plus they attend further education courses annually.

We are the leading service provider in the area of water. Currently we teach 1'200 babies/small children, children, adults (pregnant women, overweight or hearing impaired persons) and seniors in several swimming-, Aqua-Fit  and Aqua-gym courses in more than 15 indoor swimming pools in and around Basel.

In the future we want to continue to realise our "leader" position with responsibility and commitment. For us it is important to make an active and valuable contribution to the safeguarding of the population's health in and around Basel.

"The principle behind all things is water. For all is water and all goes back to being water. "
Thales of Miletus,
(Greek. philosopher. to 547 BC.)