Aqua-cycling connects the effectiveness of classic cycling on land with the positive attributes of water. Because of the buoyancy in the water you feel like floating and the movements seem to be easier.


Advantages of the training:

  • An effective full body training, irrespective of the fitness level
  • A perfect workout after sport injuries and surgeries
  • An optimal cardiovascular workout for everyone
  • Firming effect for bums, tums and legs
  • Exercise and fun, also for older people and non-swimmers
  • A workout which is gentle on joints
  • Fun and group dynamic while doing sport with musicFun and motion also for older individuals  and non-swimmer
  • A joints sparing training which makes you fitter
  • Fun and group dynamics with music


Once you have tried Aqua-Cycling you won’t want to miss it. We guarantee a lot of fun and an effective workout.

Aqua-Cycling is offered in quarterly courses.


Aqua-Cycling connects the effectivity of classic cycling and the positive characteristics of water.

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