Aqua-Jogging is the ideal addition to the workout of an achievement oriented runner:

  • in addition to a sensible training
  • an additional adequate and efficient exercise
  • to avoid and/or relieve pain
  • as a recovery after an intense workout on land
  • to increase the level of general fitness


You perform competition-relevant exercises without floor contact whilst protecting your joints and spine.

Energetically gymnastic and stretch exercises increase the flexibility and prevent muscle injuries.

Strengthening exercises performed underwater are an effective way to train and decrease the risk of injuries.

To avoid attacking the body reserves after an intense workout/competition, we suggest Aqua-Fit® as a less wearing training session.


Aqua-Jogging is a running course and can be entered at any time.


As the course name says, Aquarobic is aerobics in the water.
The intensity is usually higher than in…