Children swimming courses at the Schwimmschule Knechtli


Regular swimming lessons support the physical and mental development of the child and also its coordinative skills.  The children learn the swimming strokes crawl, backstroke and breaststroke playfully in our courses. The basics are built in the courses Crab to Polar bear. The further courses Whale to Dolphin follow them directly and accentuate the several swimming strokes. The criteria of the badges allow us an optimal and homogenous division of the groups.


The children shouldn't aim to master the swimming strokes as fast as possible. It's more about taking away their fear of the water, of diving and of deep water and showing them different ways of moving in the water. Simultaneously they learn to be confident in their abilities in the water. On each level emphasis is placed on a natural and joyful contact with the water, rather than on pressure to perform.

Children who are further ahead than others might skip a course and some children who haven’t achieved all goals yet might repeat a course. In the end the children are glad to have had enough time for the development of their abilities. It is important not to overburden children at a higher level as this could result in a child losing its pleasure in swimming.


Basic tests Crab – Icebear (1 - 7)


The 7 basic tests are the basis for a secure and varied sojourn in the water and necessary to become a good swimmer. The core elements and movements are the basis for every type of swimming sport. Children who are at least four years of age can start with the basic tests.


Basic tests Whale - Test 8 (1 - 8)


The tests 1 - 8 follow immediately after the basic test 7 ( Icebear) and help the children and teenagers improve their swimming techniques crawl, breaststroke and backstroke and  help them to learn dolphin. The racing dives and turns are also practised.


Basics 1 water habituation (4 to 5 years)

Test content:

·Correct breathing underwater
Basics 2 water accomplishment (4 to 5 years)

Test content:
·3 m „Seal swimming“
·Floating for 5…
Basics 3 basic movements (5 to 6 years)

Test content:
·5 m „Helicopter swimming“
Basics 4 body movements– basics (5 to 6 years)

Test content:
·10 m Crawl
·10 m Backstroke
·5 m…
Basics 5 coordination body-/breathemovements (6 to 7 years)

Test content:
·20 m "Shark"-Crawl
Basics 6 (6 to 7-years)

Test contents:
·15 m Crawl
·Windscreen wiper
·20 - 30 m Crawl-Breaststroke-Mix
Basics 7 (6 to 8 years)

Test contents:
·Underwater turn
·25 m breaststroke
Swimtest 1

Test contents:
·25 m Dolphin-Crawl
·25 m Superman-Backstroke
·Breaststroke kick in…
Swimtest 2 (correct swim technique)

Test contents:
·25 m dolphin body motion
·25 m backstroke-rotation,…
Swimtest 3

Test contents:
·25 m Dolphin with arm movement
·50 m Backstroke one-armed
·25 m Breaststroke…