Schwimschool Knechtli

In 1976 Doris Knechtli, a commercial clerk, turned her hobby into her profession and founded the Schwimschool Knechtli.  Not only was she an active competitor and synchronized swimmer for the swimming club Basel, but she worked also as a trainer and in the sector of administration and organisation whereby she laid the foundations for her own swimming school.  In 1987 she trained to become a swimming instructor and in the following years she further qualified to teach baby, parent-child,  adult, and children swimming courses and also for aqua-gym and aqua-fit. In 1999 she finished her studies as a Watershiatsu (Watsu) therapist.


In 2012 the Schwimschool Knechtli was turned into a limited liability company.

Since the 1st of January 2013 the Schwimschool Knechtli GmbH has been managed by Salome Schärer-Knechtli, the youngest daughter of Doris Knechtli and her husband Christian Schärer. By doing this, Doris Knechtli's wish to keep the Schwimschool within the family was implemented and Doris Knechtli could leave the company with a clear conscience.


Schwimmschule Knechtli - Anything but a dry run.