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Our course program:


Choose your fitting swimming course out of our nine categories - from parent-child-courses to aqua-cycling.


Swimming courses for children at the Schwimschool Knechtli


In our courses the children learn the swimming strokes crawl,  back- and breaststroke. The basic of these swimming techniques are taught in the courses crab to ice bear. The advanced courses whale to dolphin can be continued seamless and lay the focus on each of the swimming strokes separately.

We recommend that children should start the swimming courses at the age of 4-5.




You can find the Schwimmschule Knechtli at 16 locations in and around Basel. To get an overview of all the locations please click here




Our familial team of 30 has been characterized by competence and reliability over many years. The continuing education and our kindness are self-evident! Every course is held by an experienced trainer and represents our high approach towards quality.  Go and see for yourself!  An overview of the trainer and the courses you can find here.